Training and Coaching Progammes for Organisations

Personal Effectiveness for Exceptional Performance

This training and coaching programme is designed to assist participants learn how to adopt a proactive approach towards self and work. It infuses a passion to be self-driven to achieve results for organizational effectiveness.

Enhancing Personal and Workplace Productivity

This training provides practical tools to use in day-to-day activities that create and sustain personal effectiveness, leading to higher productivity in the workplace.  Emphasis is basically on managing oneself and time for maximum productivity at work.

Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

During this training programme, participants will learn emotional intelligence and leadership secrets that will significantly increase their leadership quotient. That way, they become more and better decision makers.

Executive Coaching For Peak Performance

Our Executive Coaching for Peak Performance program is dedicated to senior members of staff who currently oversee teams. Participants are coached on how to get the best from themselves and team members in a highly supportive way.

Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills

Through this programme, participants will learn hands-on techniques to breakthrough ideas, solve problams effectively. Participants will discover how to ask the right questions, challenge assumptions and see others viewpoints with clarity.

Effective Communication and Business Writing

This training program is highly interactive and impactful. It is designed to make all participants become more grounded in all aspects of business communication. This will eventually add to your organisations’s bottom line.

Effective Leadership For Exceptional Results

This course is designed to help participants improve their ability to achieve results personally and through cooperation with other people. It provides managers with solid foundations to build organisational growth through improved personal performance and productivity.

Team Building and Development

Our Team Building and Development program is a very practical and highly engaging session to help participants learn successful team development processes, which will in turn lead to effective team growth and development.

Customer Experience Management

Our Customer Experience Management courses are designed to help participants develop best practices, disciplines, tools, techniques and methods in the field of Customer Experience presently deployed around the world.

People Management Skills

This training program, help managers and team leads discover how to develop teams and individuals effectively. They will learn how to drive, promote and manage good workplace performance.

Our Promise of Value

All our programmes are bespoke, hence tailored to the specific needs and character of the teams or organisation. Each one is guaranteed to transform participants in and out, while adding to the organisation’s bottom line.

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